About Jazz Enterprise Ltd

Jazz Enterprise Ltd. is a gravel transport and car hauling company based in Alberta, Calgary. We are a newly established company serving Calgary, Alberta. The company provides gravel trucking and car hauling trailer services to the industry. We will have a well-maintained truck equipped with advanced technology like GPS tracking. The company aims to safely serve gravel at the project site and car hauling at your address, so we only hire professional, trained, qualified, and experienced drivers.

Transport Facility within Canada

Our Equipment

Jazz Enterprise Ltd. will own a modern truck and a closed hauling truck. Our truck will be equipped with GPS tracking so that you can know where your order is. We will spend 20% of our revenue on truck maintenance.
Core Features

Trusted & Reliable in the field of trucking.


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We are a Canadian firm in Calgary, Alberta, with a huge truck available to deliver your gravel stone throughout Canada and the United States.


We have a modern truck that can transport your gravel material throughout Canada and across the border. We constantly upgrade our equipment to meet professional standards, with technology ensuring you get a safe transportation service every time.


We know how critical it is to have gravel delivered on time; thus we are continually improving our truck to provide you with the most precise and dependable delivery time. We take pride in our industry-leading 98% on-time delivery rate!


Bulk transport of gravel to construction sites

We will have a gravel dumping truck to transport large amounts of gravel. Whatever the quantity, we will ensure that the stones do not go to waste during transportation or transfer. They will reach you whole and safely on time.

Multiple Car Hauling at Your Desired Location

We work in the automobile business doing car exhibitions, vehicle launches, and prototype handling. Our headquarter is in Calgary, Alberta. We will build our business through word of mouth since we are trustworthy, reliable, hardworking, and friendly. We can achieve practically impossible deadlines to suit our customers' expectations.

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Drive With Us

Jazz Enterprise Ltd. has a qualified driver in Calgary who will remember all of the traffic laws and highway regulations while driving.